About The Test

It's quick and simple to complete our test and return it to our laboratory.

What Will Arrive

The postal STI test kit as it arrives.

Once you've placed an order, your test kit will arrive in the mail in discreet packagaing (such as that shown right).

The kits are small, around the size of a couple of DVD cases and contain all the bits you need to return your sample to our laboratory, including free return postage.

How To Take Your Sample

The ATI test kit contents, for taking your sample.

Your test will require either a urine sample, or a vaginal swab. The information with the kit includes full instructions.

Returning Your STI Test

The sample return box included in the STI test.

Once you've taken your sample, ensure you have completed the included form (but keep the top part - you may need it to collect your results).

Place your sample and the form back in the box, use the two large card tabs to seal the box shut (add tape if you wish). Post the box as soon as you can - a normal post box is fine.

Result Notification

You will receive your results via the method you chose when ordering the test. You may also track your specimen and collect results any time via our tracking system.

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